Investing in a Rawdon Hill Property


More and more investors are discovering the benefits of buying a display home as an investment property. They are also becoming a popular option for many first-time investors who are looking to minimise risk in the first few years of building a portfolio.

These property investment opportunities aren’t as easy to find compared to regular investment properties on the market but they do have the potential to offer impressive returns.


The Benefits of Buying a Display Home as an Investment

Here are some advantages you can expect when choosing a display home as an investment property.

  • A home of the highest quality as the builder is keen to showcase their best work
  • Builders/developers will be your (guaranteed) tenants for the lifespan of the display village, and will often have the property professionally cleaned at least twice a week
  • High rental yield while the investment property is a display home because the builder pays rent at a commercial rate
  • Even though the rent is paid at a commercial rate, the investment property is treated as a residential building for tax purposes
  • Landscaped, well-maintained gardens and outdoor areas by the builder while the investment property operates as a display home
  • If the home is part of a display village, your investment property will be surrounded by quality homes on an attractive street
  • There is no need for a property manager so you save on property management fees
  • Likely to attract quality tenants and a premium rent once it is no longer leased by the builder

As you can see, if you are currently evaluating your property investment options, purchasing a display home is definitely an option to consider!


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